We create value for ourselves and our partners with our high-powered, unique team.


Living in an era of limited resources requires innovative solutions. We foster forward thinking and agility in our team to create the most dynamic and cutting edge processes and products.








Our company develops technologies to convert abundant plant materials into a variety of products.  We pride ourselves on innovative, outside-the-box thinking and strive to formulate the highest quality natural products and develop sustainable solutions to everyday problems.

We cultivate a strong, cohesive atmosphere and believe that through collaboration and partnership, all things are possible.  We foster forward thinking and agility in our team to create the most dynamic and cutting-edge processes and products.  Our team is comprised of individuals with diverse educational and career backgrounds, and we believe that diversity to be our greatest collective strength.  Our employees are talented, ambitious, and versatile.

Custom Research and Development

Creating a better world is no easy task.  Partnerships, teamwork, and collaboration are essential to tackling the difficult challenges ahead.  Where there is unity, there is strength.

Solving complex problems drives us forward, and we convert that momentum into success.  Partner with us to develop innovative solutions to your unique challenges, and learn how a custom research and development project with Blue Marble can benefit you.


As producers of natural, organic, and kosher specialty ingredients for food products and personal care items, we understand the importance of transparency and thorough inspection of finished products.  Through our sister company Cutthroat Laboratories, we ensure extensive analytical testing is performed to ensure our products are of the highest quality.

Cutthroat Laboratories has opened up their testing services to Blue Marble clients and partners, as well as standalone food producers.  If your organization requires concrete results derived from rigorous testing, we can help.  The dedicated analytical scientists at Cutthroat Laboratories are focused on developing methods that are innovative, proficient, and cost effective.


 Consumer demand for natural and non-GMO products is at an all-time high, and continues to climb.  Our company innovates new and exciting product lines to meet the needs of our partners and their customers using sustainable, natural production pathways.

Ranging from custom flavors and fragrances, natural esters, or our new Fermented Fusions, our product line is constantly changing and improving to adhere to a high level of authenticity and quality.  Manufactured in our SQF Level 2 certified facility, our products meet criteria for classification as vegan, kosher, US & EU natural, and non-GMO.

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